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Brian Hargrove and The Hartford Insurance Company

Brian Hargrove
Brian Hargrove
November 30, 2014, Jack Modell sideswiped my wife, Libertad Green's car with his while I was turning left, into my driveway.  I called the police, and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Sheldon Sherman responded.  He filed a police report, indicating that he found Jack Modell to be at fault.  Jack Modell's insurance agent, Brian Hargrove, of The Hartford, refuses to find his client at fault, even after receiving the police report, and won't take my calls anymore, let alone pay for any of the damage Jack Modell did to our car.
The Hartford
The Hartford 

UPDATE: On July 8, 2015, I discovered a response, apparently from Brian Hargrove, using the alias "Tyg," to my version of this review at:

Here is a cropped screen grab of his response:

Brian Hargrove alias Tyg's response to my rip-off report of him and The Hartford

To which I made the following reply:

"On page 1 of 7 of the Traffic Collision Report, Jack Allen Modell is listed as 'Party 1' and the 'Driver.'  The entirety of paragraph 'F. Cause:' reads, 'P/1 caused this collision by making an unsafe passing maneuver., violation of 21750 CVC.'

In other words, Deputy Sheldon Sherman, ID 527065, and the Reviewer, R. Dailey #236790 find Party 1, Jack Allen Modell to be the 'Cause' of 'this collision.'

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Watch Commander does, however, agree with you, that he can not make you pay for the damages your client did to my wife's car. 
That is a matter of your integrity and discretion, which you, Brian Hargrove, obviously lack.

So, how does an illiterate, unhinged, zit-faced, young man like you, who can't even comb his hair for a head shot, get a job at The Hartford?"

I also submitted the following complaint about Brian Hargrove to The Hartford via their website:

"Brian Hargrove reflects so much negative credit on The Hartford, that I wonder how he obtained employment from you in the first place.

"This appears to be his response, using the alias 'Tyg,' to a complaint I made against him and The Hartford at


'A police report IS NOT an admission of guilt OR an assignment of guilt. Just because you have a police report DOES NOT mean that the person YOU are accusing is actually guilty of what YOU have accused them of. It is JUST a report detailing an inncident [sic] that YOU had. Its [sic] MORE of a FACT SHEET then [sic] a [sic] indictment. Was an accident investigator called?? Did the person YOU accuse actually admit guilt to the deputy? If not then the insurance company DOES NOT have to pay out!!! Its [sic] YOUR WORD against the person YOU have accused. Until some form of judgment is handed down the insurance people DO NOT have to deal with YOU!!! As far as THEY are concerned YOU are a scammer trying to get THEM to fix YOUR car and YOU are doing this with NO PROOF other then [sic] a police report. Unless the deputy ACTUALLY witnessed the accident then the deputy CANNOT say WHO is guilty WITHOUT an accident investigator to verify that validity of YOUR statement. While upsetting for you, the reality is that NO LAW ENFORCMENT is going to place 100% of the blame on someone when THEY personally did NOT see the accident happen. Its [sic] YOUR WORD against THIER CLIENT and that NEVER works out in only one persons [sic] favor. The Deputy can ONLY report on said police report what YOU have told them happend [sic].'

"Aside from all the misspelled words, which lead me to believe that Brian Hargrove may not have a high school diploma, let alone a college degree, let alone a good reason for being in The Hartford's employ as anyone of greater consequence than a janitor, his overall tone and the way he repeatedly 'yells' at me with capital letters indicates to me and my wife that he is mentally unhinged, and may do us harm, especially since he has our address as a matter of course in receiving our claim against his client, Jack Allen Modell."

UPDATE:  On Thursday, July 16, 2015, I received a letter from The Hartford, in which someone identifying herself as "ABI Team Leader" Melissa Blevins told me that, my "claim was heard by an independent arbitrator," who "reviewed the evidence and determined that [I was] the party at fault for the accident," and that "This decision is final and binding."

Furthermore, she states, "Regarding [my] inquiry regarding the online complaint [about Tyg's unhinged, unprofessional rebuttal to my related post on RipOffReport.com, she has] no evidence that [The Hartford's] employee [Brian Hargove] is the individual who responded to [my] post."

So, apparently, the ignorance and lack of integrity reaches the upper echelons of The Hartford.

BTW, the only independent arbitrator I am aware of investigating the accident is Deputy Sheldon, who found Jack Allen Modell to be the Cause of the accident.

Jack Modell is, prima facie, the party at fault.  I was turning left into my driveway when he drove past me from behind on the left side of the vehicle I was driving.  He states that I was at fault for slowing down, moving to the right, and failing to signal (even though I did use my left turn signal).  Even if I had not used my left turn signal, anyone driving a vehicle behind me should have observed that I was turning left, and should not have attempted to pass me on my left.

And, if The Hartford finds me to be the party at fault, why haven't they ever asked me to pay for the damage to the car Jack was driving, since they were his auto insurance company at the time of the accident?

My wife, Libertad Green, whose car I was driving, renewed her auto insurance policy with GEICO this spring, for the same amount as she paid last fall, and neither GEICO nor anyone else has never indicated that we should pay for any damage to Jack Allen Modell's car. 

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