Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chef Kurt Ehrlich and the Hollywood Pasta Company

Update:  Saturday, October 26, 2013, Libertad Green received a letter from the California Department of Labor, granting judgment in her favor with regard to her complaint against Chef Kurt Ehrlich, and awarding her more than $3,800, with 10% annual interest to be added to the debt every year Mr. Hermozi neglects to pay her.

Update:  Thursday, January 24, 2013 passed, and we have still not heard from the California Department of Labor as to whether or not Emil Hermozi has ignored their order to pay Libertad Green, paid them (in order to pay her), or appealed the results of the hearing.

Monday, January 14, 2013, at approximately 1:30 p.m., Libertad Green and I attended a hearing at the California Department of Labor in downtown Los Angeles, California. Neither Chef Kurt Ehrlich, nor Emil Hermozi, nor any other representatives of the Hollywood Pasta Company appeared to defend themselves.

The judge found in favor of Libertad Green, so she stands to receive approximately $3,600 from Emil Hermozi because Chef Kurt Ehrlich failed to pay her $112.50 for catering seven and a half hours at Roger Neal's Oscar Swag Party at L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills, Monday, February 20, 2012.

Chef Ehrlich had verbally agreed to pay Libertad $15 per hour for helping him cater at the Oscar swag party for four days, from February 20th to February 23rd, 2012, but after the first day, she decided to quit. When I picked her up from 'LErmitage at approximately 6:15 p.m. on the 20th, she was so upset that I drove her directly to the Hollywood Pasta Company, where I confronted Chef Ehrlich in the parking lot as soon as he returned with the remains of the food he had served that day. I informed him that Libertad would not work for him anymore, and asked him to pay her. He refused, and made no indication that he ever intended to pay her.

From there, I drove directly to the Burbank Police Station, where a police officer suggested that we file a complaint across the street, at the Court House.

Instead, we later decided to file a complaint with the California Department of Labor, after Chef Ehrlich failed to respond to repeated PayPal bills which she sent him.

Roger Neal answered his phone almost immediately, when I called him that night (Monday, February 20, 2012), but refused to provide the sign-in roster to prove Libertad Green had shown up for work in his suite, and he disavowed any knowledge of who she is, although he witnessed Chef Kurt Ehrlich and his assistant, Christina Veloz, abusing her for seven and a half hours in his tiny suite. They verbally abused her almost constantly for the entire seven and a half hour period, without giving her a break to eat the sandwich in her purse. At one point, one of them asked her to bring them two bottles of water; when she did, they drank them in front of her without offering her any.

In the months following the swag party, Libertad Green and I had this conversation, apparently with Chef Ehrlich, on Libertad's YouTube Channel:

chefkurte 6 months ago
You are a lying piece of Shit. What happen in Labor Court ? See You in Court Tramp!

  • actressmodeldancer
    I am leaving this here for everyone to see.
    I worked for Kurt Ehrlich last February and never received payment. I have made a complaint to the labor department and this is how he responds.
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  • William Vaughan
    What lie has she told, Kurt? Did she not work for you? Did you pay her? Did she not report you to the California Department of Labor? We look forward to seeing you in court.
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  • chefkurte
    The Labor Court Papers will be posted,as will the Police Report from the Gardena Police. You are just another trashy Slot using the Internet for Your Lies.See You soon Bitch
    BTW how is Your Looser Husband ?
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  • actressmodeldancer
    I do not want to hear from you unless it is to be paid the money I am owed.
    What you are saying does not even make any sense.
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  • BTW: Bai Ling attended the swag party, getting her nails done as Libertad Green passed trays of food over her head, because the suite was so small.

    Update: On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, Libertad Green received notification, via snail mail, of the results of her hearing, which indicated that Mr. Hermozi had only ten days to appeal the judgment in Libertad's favor, which would be on Thursday, January 24, 2013.

    Update:  The California Department of Labor found that Emil Hermozi owes Libertad Green approximately $4,000, and we have contracted a collection agency to collect it, but the Hollywood Pasta Company has gone out of business.  Last we heard, "Chef" Kurt Ehrlich was working at a waffle house.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Anthony Meindl's Acting School

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013, at 6 p.m., Libertad Green audited a class at Anthony Meindl's Acting School.  The vulgarity and stupidity she encountered astonished her.  Long story short, she won't be taking any classes there, or recommending it to anyone else!

    Friday, January 18, 2013


    Friday, December 28, 2013, WikiPedia, approved an article I had submitted about my wife, Libertad Green.  However, within hours, Wikipedia moderators marked it for deletion.  WikiPedia Moderators Harry the Dirty Dog and Altered Walter continued to bully me by deleting significant portions of the article, and telling me not to post any material without citing reliable sources.  They told me that Wikipedia articles, Facebooks, YouTube channels, IMDb and blogs did not count as reliable sources.  When they finally deleted the article, Altered Walter posted, as a reason, that some of my assertions in the article appeared to be "deliberate jokes and hoax."  Wikipedia Moderators also indicated that Libertad Green lacks enough notability to merit a Wikipedia article, although she is one of the few women to have portrayed the Biblical Queen Jezebel in a live action film, and is one of the most "relevant" "Hawaiian hula dance" performers on Google and YouTube, with a "Hawaiian Hula dance" video which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times!  [UPDATE:  As of January 5, 2017, this video has more than 2.3 million views, and the thumbnail of her dancing the Hawaiian hula, with the link to the video, is the first thumbnail to appear when Googling "hawaiian hula" without being signed into Google.]:
    Googling "hawaiian hula"
    The first 3 hits when Googling "hawaiian hula," January 5, 2017, without being logged into Google

    Circa 2015, my altercation with WikiPedia's Moderators became a moot point, when Google published its own article about Libertad Green, which now appears when Googling "libertad green":
    Google's article about Libertad Green
    Google's article about Libertad Green
    Article by William Mortensen Vaughan


    In 2012, Yelp! removed my bad reviews of the Sidekick Karate School and the Hollywood Pasta Company.

    Apparently, they don't think potential customers should know that Emad Ali, the chief instructor at the Sidekick Karate School, raped Libertad Green, or that Chef Kurt Ehrlich refused to pay her after working her for seven and a half hours at Roger Neal's Oscar swag party at L'Hermitage in Beverly Hills, California, without giving her so much as one break to sip a swallow of water or remove the sandwich from her purse.  L'Hermitage refused to get involved when I asked them to help provide evidence of this abuse.  Roger Neal also refused to get involved, when I asked him to at least provide a copy of the roster Libertad Green signed to get into his suite.

    Emad Ali & the Sidekick Karate School

    In May, 2007, Emad Aly, the Master of the Sidekick Karate School, in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, raped my wife, Libertad Green, after telling her that "Americans" are "assholes."


    Since the early 1990's, around the time of the 1st Persian Gulf War, I have studied Arabs and Moslems, and the more I learn about them, the less I like them.  I consider Moslems to be the greatest threat to the Free World.

    Often, when I spell "Moslem" or "Moslems" "Moslem" or"Moslems," people tell me that I have spelled it incorrectly.  I disagree.  That's how I have spelled those words since I was a child.  In the copy of Daniel Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, which I inherited from my father, "Moslem" was listed as the preferred spelling, and "Muslim" and at least one other variation were listed as "alternate" spellings.  Guess how I'm going to spell "Moslem" the rest of my life!

    The books I have read about Islam include an English translation of The Koran, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, America Alone, Bagdhad Without a Map, and A God Who Hates.

    Three of the best sources I've discovered for keeping abreast of the atrocities Moslems commit daily are:,  

    Atlas Shrugs, and