Friday, January 18, 2013


In 2012, Yelp! removed my bad reviews of the Sidekick Karate School and the Hollywood Pasta Company.

Apparently, they don't think potential customers should know that Emad Ali, the chief instructor at the Sidekick Karate School, raped Libertad Green, or that Chef Kurt Ehrlich refused to pay her after working her for seven and a half hours at Roger Neal's Oscar swag party at L'Hermitage in Beverly Hills, California, without giving her so much as one break to sip a swallow of water or remove the sandwich from her purse.  L'Hermitage refused to get involved when I asked them to help provide evidence of this abuse.  Roger Neal also refused to get involved, when I asked him to at least provide a copy of the roster Libertad Green signed to get into his suite.


  1. It was removed because you are a jealous, racist scumbag, hiding behind false Patriotism.

    A real professional and Patriot would use the legal system to settle disputes, rather than leaving copy/paste reviews and trying to contact people like "Chuck Norris"

    You're killing your wife's career with your posessive, obsessive and racist attitude that you broadcast very publicly.

  2. The real case here is how the Army missed out on labeling this guy a section 8.

  3. Big YELP to that!