Friday, February 1, 2013

Glenn Arola of the University of Phoenix

Bottom Line Up Front:  James Rebel and James Coppi are bullies, and Glenn Arola allowed them to bully me and my wife.

Monday, January 28, and Tuesday, January 29, 2013, I attended classes at the University of Phoenix.

Monday, Glenn Arola taught the class, which was Week 5 of 5, of Management 230.  

Prior to going to class, fellow students James Rebel and James Coppi had posted impolite remarks in the class' Chat room.  The Chat rooms, as opposed to the Main rooms, are for social networking and discussing topics which are off-topic.  I had posted a dozen posts about my wife, Libertad Green, and her modeling and TV gigs, etc.  James Rebel asked who cared, and stated that he didn't.  

I replied that I didn't care if he cared about anything.

James Coppi commented that some people apparently thought the Chat room was for furthering their own agenda.

I replied that I did think the Chat room was for furthering my agendas, plural.

Both of these men were in class Monday night, laughing and chatting rudely, while Glenn Arola addressed the class.

Then Glenn had me and my partner give our PowerPoint presentation.  I took advantage of the opportunity, since my topic was about leadership, to show the contrast between U.S. Presidents' leadership and Obama's lack of leadership.

Rebel and Coppi continued to chat with each other and laugh during my briefing, although I was talking about such grim subjects as U.S. Ambassadors Killed in the Line of Duty, and U.S. Marines Killed in Action.

Later, when Rebel, Coppi and their team gave their presentation, Rebel mocked me by using a pointer as I had, and their last slide included a picture of Obama smiling, with the words "In Obama We Trust!"

Thursday, January 31, I discovered that Glenn had given me 10/15 points (66.666% or a D) for my presentation, because I had gotten way out of control, used one swear word, and had offended and frightened my fellow students.  He also told me that this had to "stop."

I also discovered that Rebel and Coppi had continued to post rude comments in the Chat room.  Rebel called me an "idiot," and Coppi implied that my wife is "whoring" herself out.

I posted a reply to Mr. Arola, telling him the above, and that I was offended.  I told him I agreed that this sort of thing did need to stop, 'cause if I ever find myself operating in such a hostile environment at the University of Phoenix again, I'd take my business elsewhere.

I also sent a similar e-mail to my academic advisers and my current professor, who taught Week 1 of 5 of my Business Information Systems 220, starting Tuesday.

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